Taylor Seyfert

I'm a professional tutor whose years of experience and constant focus on innovation WILL help your student build confidence, score high, and achieve their potential.

Subjects I've tutored include...

My subject range is vast, so even if you don't see your needs specifically mentioned here, please reach out and schedule your free consultation!

English and writing of all levels, from phonics to doctoral dissertations, including college admissions essays

Math from basic addition and subtraction up to AP Calculus A/B, including SAT-specific curriculum

Science of all sorts: biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, psychology, and anthropology

History through high school, including AP Euro, APUSH, and AP Government

Study skills including organization, time management, cognitive learning strategies, and critical thinking

Standardized test content and strategy, including SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, GRE, LNAT, GED, and GRE

Make a GPA Comeback

Inches from an A? One bad test from a D? Boost those grades!

Prepare for the SAT/ACT

Getting into good schools means earning a score that stands out.

College Admission Essays

Learn how to write essays that put you in the best light possible.

Digital SAT is Coming

Get a head start on the new digital SAT and all the changes it brings.


I've been tutoring for over ten years, and my work in education has also included substitute teaching and curriculum creation.

Academic Excellence

My students earn higher grades and perform better on tests and the confidence they gain carries over into college and beyond.

Top-Tier University Admissions

I've helped over one hundred students get into their dream colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Wellesley, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

Subject Matter Mastery

I teach math up to Calculus AB, English and writing of all levels, history, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, and more.

Proven Strategies

With the latest scientific learning strategies, my students have better long-term recall of their subject matter often with less effort.

Insider Knowledge

I have worked in college admissions, and I can use that unique perspective to help your student and their essays stand out.

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Phone : (805) 598-1366

Email : Taylor@TaylorDoesTutoring.com


"Nobody else has been able to help us. Thank you."

A. Bortnyk


"You're a blessing!"

E. Allen


"He taught me everything I know."

G. Ortiz

Class of 2031

"I got in! Not just the waitlist, dude -- for real!"

S. Talwar

UCLA Class of 2024

"Since middle school, Taylor has helped me immensely with my writing, math, and overall learning pathway, all while supporting me throughout every creative & academic endeavor. No matter the subject, Taylor quickly adapts to every student’s needs, whether that means help on a complex math problem, assistance on a college essay, or a review on creative writing like poetry & short stories. He provides spot-on constructive feedback that builds on a learner’s previous knowledge instead of introducing a new topic entirely, making tough subjects (like advanced geometry for me) so much easier to understand. In addition, his dry humor never fails to make students laugh. Taylor’s teaching method fits a wide variety of ages, grades, & learning levels due to his range of capabilities. Most importantly, he emphasizes communication between tutor & student, making students feel both comfortable & highly engaged while obtaining an excellent learning experience. Thank you, Taylor!

Emma Wong

Student from 2019 to Present